I divided the list this way so that it would be easier for students to locate the topics they need for a particular type of essay as fast as possible. Please use this essay topics list to your advantage to help you think of a particular topic that you want to write about. I know that sometimes it is very difficult to think of something to write about, and that is the whole reason we created essay topics and more. It is our hope that through our great information and the topics found on the essay topics list, we can help students all over to become better writers. If you are a student who truly wants to develop his/her writing style I suggest making an essay topics list of your own. Whenever I start on an assignment I usually sit down and make out an essay topics list for whatever type of essay I happen to be doing at the time. For example, if I am going to do a descriptive essay, I will sit down and write out an essay topics list with topics that I might be easy for me to describe. I will usually write out an essay topics list that consists of ten to twelve topics, and then pick out one and start writing about it. If I get stuck or lost I will go back to my essay topics list and pick out another topic and try writing about it. Usually about the third or fourth time I go to my list I have found something that I can write about. The point of having an essay topics list is so that when you do get stuck or lost you will be able to go back to your list and pick another topic out right away. It is very important to build your own essay topics list before you begin writing.

Topics for Essay

When you are trying to come up with topics for essay you should do a lot of thinking. Think about events in your own life. When I think of topics for essay I usually think back to something that is easy for me to remember. I think of important events in my life that made an impact on me. For example, when I was doing my descriptive essay I thought of topics for essay that would be easy to describe. I wrote down on my essay topics list a bunch of topics and finally decided on a trip I took to Dollywood when I was younger. It was an event that was easy for me to describe and something that I knew I could use all five of my senses on when describing that trip in my essay. Topics for essay are not as hard to come up with as many students think. I believe the problem that many students face when trying to come up with topics for essay is they try too much to write about topics that they cannot relate to. If you cannot relate to something then chances are you are not going to have too much to say about that topic. There are certain events that stick out in people’s minds that would make excellent topics for essay, but they get looked over because a student is embarrassed to write about them thinking that an instructor will make fun of them or something. I have learned that those can make the best topics for essay. You will be able to come up with a lot of content for your paper, and the words will flow more smoothly. Also, it will add an element of entertainment to your essay, and all instructors like to be entertained when they are reading students’ essays. You can also come up with topics for essay that come from your personal beliefs. Your personal beliefs make very good topics for essay, and who knows you might even persuade your instructor or someone else to your point of view. No matter which topics for essay you choose make them something that you will be able to write about easily. This is very important.

Essay Language

Essay language is something that a lot of students are concerned about. A lot of students try to use million dollar words when a five cent word will do the job just fine. I will call these million dollar words “essay language” for the purpose of describing the language you should use in your essay. When I write an essay I like to write the way I speak to people. Some students place too much importance on essay language and end up taking away from the quality of their paper as a result. I have found that a lot of students use this essay language to try to impress their instructors, but a lot of the times it only makes an instructor curl up their nose and look at the paper funny. My basic rules for essay language are if you do not know the meanings of a word then do not use it. It is best not to use a word until you have a full understanding of the meaning of the word. A student should not place too much emphasis on essay language. I have found that when I do not focus on essay language and simply write like I am having a conversation with someone my essays sound a lot better. Another good reason to write in a conversational tone instead of “essay language” is because students are able to complete their essays faster when they are not bogged down by trying to use “essay language” in every sentence. The flow of the essay will go so much better, and the reader of the essay will appreciate the fact that the student did not try to use a lot of “essay language” that they could not understand. There is a difference between “essay language” and using an economy of words. Every student should strive to use an economy of words, but that is another topic for another page.