From an abstract dissertation point of view, it’s so far the most complex and mind-cracking academic paper you’ve written so far. From 60 to 90 pages of highly educative and consistent writing, a dissertation is the most challenging assignment a student gets before graduation. Essays, terms papers and presentations are so a tiny piece of work in comparison to degree thesis, where even the slightest mistake might cost you a credit.
As you’ve already known, a graduation paper consists of nearly 10 complex chapters with subsections, evidence groundwork, charts, quotes, etc. And the first important chapter here is called an abstract of dissertation. An essential part of any thesis, an abstract in dissertation aims at brief summarizing of your thesis statement and the entire work in general. From the introduction till conclusion, an abstract of dissertation tends to highlight the most important cornerstones of the paper in a very succinct format.
What is a dissertation abstract from the point of view of supervisors? A part of the paper, usually found at the beginning, where he or she can get to know about all the key aspects of the dissertation at hand and have an overall view of its structure and content.

What is a dissertation abstract in details

As a matter of fact, although an abstract for dissertation goes in the very beginning of the paper, students are highly advised to tackle it last, when all the other main chapters are already complete. At the beginning of the writing process, spend time coping with such chapters as Methods and Findings, rather than an Abstract.
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What is an abstract in a dissertation from the point of view of its main purpose? A relatively short (150 words for Master thesis and 350 – for Doctoral) standing as a preamble that gets supervisors and the committee up to speed regarding the entire 90-page dissertation.
Another reason why your abstract in a dissertation has to be written last is explained by the fact an abstract features information about both your thesis statement and the results of the research. Naturally, how can you dwell on the findings and conclusions if those chapters haven’t been written yet? That’s why, once again, an abstract of a dissertation should be written in the last chapters in your thesis.