With never ending heavy workload that students have all academic year round, it’s absolutely normal that they want to avoid doing tasks which are not quite necessary. They would rather spend a couple of free hours scrolling news feed in Facebook than crafting yet another piece of college writing. But, unfortunately, there are things in students life which can’t be avoided and no matter whether you want it or not they should be done. This goes about literature review for dissertation. If you happen to reach the highest pick in your studies where you are engaged in an independent research, then information about writing a literature review for a dissertation might be useful for you.
Bad news is that if you are doing thesis or dissertation you won’t avoid writing review of the literature. Good news is that here you’ll find out about how to do it easily and the way your professor wants it.
If you’ve gone so far as doing work to get a Ph.D.degree you won’t question: what literature review is. Instead, you may wonder: “what is a literature review in a dissertation”? Actually there is no difference between either of two reviews. They are both called to show how the study you conduct in your particular area relates to the previous research done in the same field. To be blunt, literature review in dissertation demonstrates how well you know what you are writing about.
But mere definition won’t give you a full understanding of the task. How much better would be to know why do it from someone who has already gone through it. From my own experience, I can say that writing literature review for dissertation helps:
  • identify how well you master your topic;
  • widen your existing knowledge in the area;
  • generate a brand new vision of the problem;
  • understand what methodology is best suited for your particular research;
  • work out contra arguments.
Once you’ve defined the purpose of writing a literature review, you’ll be less confused when putting your thoughts on paper.

Working tips on writing a good dissertation literature review example

It goes without saying that before you actually write a sample literature review for dissertation you have to go through a long investigation. That’s rather challenging and time consuming because while doing research for less complicated papers you were given a list of sources to deal with, writing dissertation you’ll have to define the research areas on your own. That means that the more effective you organize your reading for topic-related information, the easier writing process will be.
how to write literature review
However, having a pack of sources isn’t enough to craft a good literature review. You’ll need specific knowledge about how to write a literature review for a dissertation. This is what I’ve got to share with you:
  • Start with a short overview of the subject or the issue that your research is targeted at. Don’t write much but rather be persuasive to show that you really master the topic;
  • Get closer to the studies that have direct relation to the subject you investigate;
Concentrate on those studies that contribute the most to your dissertation. While these tips serve more like a skeleton for your review, further information will tell you how to write a dissertation literature review in terms of style and language tone. So:
  • be precise providing the arguments that directly relate to the topic;
  • separate your evidence from the arguments you’ve extracted from outer sources;
  • stay clear trying to sound as much objective as possible;
  • consider opposing views since they give additional credibility to your work;
  • stick to academic language and avoid colloquialisms.
Remember that you should approach writing a literature review for the dissertation with maximum responsibility and attention since it will show how much you are competent in your topic.