Have a question?


Is there parking?

Yes and it’s free of charge for the event! We have two parking lots.

Park Lawn entrance to parking spaces:  Parking is located on the parking deck above the grounds where Taste of the Food Terminal will take place, which means you’ll have to descend two flights of stairs. We’re sorry there is no elevator so be sure to wear your comfy shoes! See “P” marker on map below.

Queensway entrance to parking spaces: These spaces are located on the same level as where the event is taking place.  If you have a stroller or wheelchair please use this entrance. See “Q” marker on map below.


Can I get there by TTC?

Yes, you can reach the Terminal via the 501 Queen street car (Humber Loop and Long Branch Loop). The streetcar passes regularly including on Saturdays. For specific times you can check these TTC streetcar routes.

Once you exit the streetcar at Humber Loop, you simply walk up the hill towards Queensway, it’s less than a 5 minute walk to the Terminal.

There are also several TTC buses but they drop off several blocks away from the Terminal. It’s best to plan your trip by contacting the TTC for your most convenient bus route.

We love the environment just as much as you. We  have parking for bicycles and e-bikes on the premises.

Do you accept debit or credit cards?

We’re sorry we only can accept cash at the door. In fact, all purchases at Taste will have to be in cash. However, you can pay for your ticket in advance, save 10% AND skip the lines up. So step up for the royal treatment and buy your tickets here!

Is this event indoors or outdoors — how should I dress?

Dress for outside. Although part of the event is indoors, our “indoors” is pretty much the same temperature as outdoors. Remember, the Terminal is where fresh fruit and vegetables go to stay fresh!

Is this a kiddie event or can I bring a friend?

Absolutely, bring a friend–and while you’re at it, bring two more!

Although we have attractions for the little ones, this event has something for all ages. If you like real food, if you enjoy learning something new, if you want to have fun—this event is for you.

Speaking of friends, can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately, for health and safety reasons we cannot allow animals onto the Ontario Food Terminal premises. Please extend our regrets to your furry friend and be sure to mention—it’s nothing personal.

Can I send my kids without me?

Nice try, but no. We love your kids however we don’t want to babysit them, not at the event, anyway. Kids 12yrs and under need to be accompanied by an adult.

Is the Terminal wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the grounds are wheelchair accessible. However please be sure to enter the event from the Queensway entrance and you’ll be fine. If you enter from the parking deck off Park Lawn there is no elevator to take you down. There is a wheelchair accessible washroom next to the Farmers’ Market. (It will be marked on the map you’ll receive when you arrive.)

That was my next question, are there washrooms?

There are washrooms on the second floors of the north and south buildings, but there is no elevator. Got a bad knee? Don’t despair, we’ve got it covered, there is a washroom at ground level for you!

If I have a stroller where should I enter from?

It’s best to enter from Queensway so you don’t have to carry the stroller down two flights of stairs. Actually, now that we think of it, because we are safety fanatics — enter off of Queensway!

Can I shop for fruit and vegetables at the event?

I guess you skipped that part- why yes you can! For this day only, the public will be able to purchase  “retail size” quantities of select fruit and vegetables  from each house with the proceeds going to FoodShare. The same will be the case for greenhouse produce and bedding plants being sold in the Farmers’ Market.

But I have another question!

If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us. If we don’t respond immediately it’s only because we’re busy producing for the big day. Not to worry, one of our friendly staff will be sure to get back to you asap – promise!

416-259-5479 ext 227