Meet Our Sweet Farmers

We have over 400 local farmers that sell at the Ontario Food Terminal-yes, 400! This is the only place in North America where local farmers sell alongside wholesalers and we are proud of the friendly competitive environment that exists among everyone.

Because the Terminal is undergoing renovations, this year Taste of the Food Terminal is being held in May. What could local farmers possibly have to sell in May, you ask? Why greenhouse produce, of course!  You’ll also be able to visit with several growers showcasing their locally-grown greenhouse vegetables and bedding plants for the garden.

We’re sorry we can’t tell you which of our 400 farmers will be there. Since we are approaching the height of the planting season, our farmers are elbow deep in dirt. In  other words, they’re kind of too busy to send us their logos right now. But not to worry, they’ll be at the event!